Premium Quality Inverters

Energy Spurt selected inverters among popular brands with the most powerful and advanced technology, like Fronius, Growatt, Solis etc.

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Latest Photovoltaic Modules

Wide ranges of the latest version of high-efficiency solar modules with long production warranty as well as performance warranty, covering from cost-effective brands to high-end brands.

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Local Electrical Gears

All-Energy Spurt electrical gears adapt and meet the AS4777 standard & your request for different conditions for your next electrical projects.

Electrical Gears

Mounting Kits & Rails

Reliable Mounting kits & rails match your solar panels for different roof types.

Mountings & Cable

Limited-Time Special Offer

This limited-time sale gives everything you could possibly want it to have for your solar client and not only that, they will be locked for you once you placed an order at an extremely good price.

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About Energy Spurt

Energy Spurt is one of the largest independent industrial and residential wholesalers specialized in solar PV products and electrical gears. With 5 offices and warehouses in major states, our services have national wide coverage aiming to provide the most efficient services to our clients all over Australia.

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